We offer Cybersecurity Awareness Training!

From concept to finished product, Sanders IT Consulting helps with all of your computer and network needs.

Systems Planning
If you’re just starting your business, bringing on employees or looking to upgrade your systems, start with Sanders IT. We will assess your needs and recommend solutions that best fit with your business goals and budget.

Cybersecurity Training
The first line of defense in the war against cybercrime are your employees. Sanders IT Consulting provides the critical training that address those technical and human elements of your organization to ensure you’re operating securely.
Click here for more information on our Cybersecurity Awareness Training.

File Recovery and Backup
There’s nothing worse than thinking you’ve lost an important document or, worse yet, the entire contents of your hard drive. Sanders IT is often able to recover these files. We can also put a backup system in place so you never lose data again.

Smart Technology
Whether you’re looking to boost the value of your home before selling it, want to automate some of your everyday tasks, or increase the security of your home or office, Sanders IT is here to help. We’ll help you decide which smart technology products are best for you, install and configure them, and train you how to use them to make your life easier.

Email Support
Sanders IT specializes in Outlook and can handle installation, Office 365 migrations and troubleshooting. We can also sort out any issues with sending and receiving email on your mobile device.

Virus Protection
Safeguarding your computer systems against crippling viruses is essential. Are you protected? Are your clients protected? Sanders IT can determine this and work with you to establish a process for regular virus protection updates.

We offer maintenance packages to keep your computer running at optimal capacity. It is time to be proactive instead of reactive. We are here to help decide which plan is best for your business.

Sanders IT excels at educating clients. We are known for speaking in plain English and making learning fun. Call for one-on-one training in a range of areas, including cloud technology, Word and Excel, iPads and iPhones, and file and photo organization.

Need a new computer but don’t know what to get? We can meet with you, assess your needs and get the system that’s right for you. No more dealing with pushy salespeople who want to sell you equipment that may exceed your needs OR equipment that may not meet your needs.

No matter what your issue, give us a call. If we can’t help, we’ll connect you with someone who can.